Thursday, June 01, 2006


Today I slept from 11pm till 6:45, had breakfast, went back to bed from 7:15 till 9am. (I missed 1st and 2nd periods...) Then I slept from 4:15 pm till 5:45 pm. (five minutes ago!)

= (drumroll) 11 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I slept THROUGH THE NIGHT. (Yeah, I'm feeling like a baby right about now...) I'm prolly cursing myself to say this, but...oh well...

I made a really pretty salad and took a picture. now I just have to figure out how to put it on the compy.

FOURTEEN DAYS LEFT. (I figured out how many minutes of school left--it was around 4800!!!)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Almost Summer!


I am so excited for summer. This year has been CRAPPY CRAP CRAP. I kind of doubt that next year will be any better, but oh well...

Wow...I haven't posted since spring break. That kind of sucks.

Oh Wednesday I met with a dog and sat in the room with it and stuff. It was funny--I was absolutly terrified (I started crying once!) but once it left, I wanted the dog back! It was one of those furry things that old ladies have, and barked like a parrot or a howler monkey. She could also do tricks, and kept rolling over and wiggling around, and then would do this thing where she would mess her hair up and then straigten it out.

I haven't really done anything this weekend except go to the gym and watch tv... I haven't been sleeping well again, so I've been dragging.

I'm trying valerian root tonight, hoping that it will help.

Oh my sister and I made apple tarts, which aren't vegan because I just found out that the margerine my mom bought was a different brand and has beef fat in it. Gross...


Sucks...doesn't it. Yeah, I've decided that I'm going to skip any last days of school that we don't do anything. Those are just pointless. Actually, it's taking a lot of will power to go to the 8th grade party (an Argossy cruise--I know, were rich snobs) because we won't be doing anything that day.

Tomorrow I get to pretend I'm a lawyer and defend Mayella Ewell and cross examine Atiicus Finch in our mock trial about To Kill a Mockingbird. Stupedest assignment ever. We're trying Boo Radley for murder. (yawn...) I don't know what we are doing in science, but in math we are half-way through chapter thirteen--THE LAST CHAPTER!!! WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Passover!!! Yay! Matzah and cheerio like cereal for a week!!! Woohoo!

Yup tonights the first night of passover. The rabbi (our ultra-orthodox neighbor--like so orthodox he only wears black robes and stuff. My mom nearly hit him driving in at night!) was cleaning out his house yesterday. (YES, I sometimes still spy on people with my younger siblings--what else do you do when new neighbors haven't put up the blinds yet?!?!) We feel so infuriour. My mom actually said, "Like I'm going to throw out all the bread--I just bought it!" Yeah.

We aren't cooking, either. My grandmother (who is in China for the month) cooked a bunch of stuff and it's in her freezer. our two-days-a-year Jewishness is showing...

Anyhoo... we have a science project coming up, and I'm doing a taste test of VEGAN CHOCOLATE DESSERTS. Yes, that means I have to use eggs, milk, etc... but, as my dad pointed out (after I refused to do a taste test) if ONE PERSON thinks, " know, those vegan desserts tasted fine..." and stops using just a few animal products over the years, it saves a lot more eggs and crap than one cake, one batch of cookies, and a bag of chocolate chips.

I am not liking water polo this week. I love to scrimmage and stuff, but we aren't setting up, only the guys shoot, and the ball is too big to handle. (Literly--mens balls are bigger than my head!!) I did score once, but it took FIVE SECONDS because I couldn't pick the ball up!

Yesterday, I went out to lunch w/ my family (minus dad). I had indian food (rice-lots!!!-and daal) and bubble tea. The tea was really sweet.

Th-th-th-thats all, folks!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I had a yummylisious dinner that I like to talk about.

First, take a deep breath. close out vegan lunch box. (I mean, that's the only way you are gonna find this!) close out anything with an ounce of nutrition writing, too. In fact, close out the PETA website, because who knows where all this sugar came from:

My dinner:
brussle sprouts and onions (nuked...)
1 bowl (as in, like 1.5 cups) multi-grain cheerios
1 bowl (same amount) cocoa crispies
1/2 a mini bagel w/ pbj
a smallish muffin

It WAS a huge dinner, but yesterday I only had about 500 calories (yet I spent SEVEN HOURS doing homework!!!!!!) and the day before I only had 600. So I deserve food.

ARG. I was sooo stressed out mon. and tues. Like, I didn't sleep (in two days I have had FOUR tylanol PMs, one full ambian, and some asprin) well, and in choir we are singing the most beautiful song (click on the listen part--I'm an alto) and I STARTED TO CRY. TWICE. I had to be taken to the counselors. (we are actually quite good friends, now.)

But something happened to me today. So, after therapy (yes...therapy...every Wed. 11 am...) I was being driven back to school and (if you live in Seattle area you will have noticed this) it was so warm and I was sitting cross-legged in the front seat. As I said before, I have been taking a lot of sleeping meds lately, (I know...not good) and I was having a very weird headache--kind of like someone had submerged me in water. Anyways, the sun was sort of beaming down on me, and even though I had a math test, science test, presentation, and a pepar all due that day, I suddenly felt so relaxed it was unimaginable.

See, I have this beach house in Long Beach, Washington--and it is my absolute favorite place in the world. And as my mom and I were driving to hell (Islander Middle School...) I felt not as if I was about to take a test, but like I was driving through this one wooded area about an hour away from The Beach. (Yes, it is capitilzed.) It's all these trees, but in some areas they've all been chopped down, and they are being regrown. Somehow, to me that is the most peacefull part of the drive down, even my one-month old cousin stopped screaming at this part.

I felt so relaxed, my head so heavy, my body so just...sitting there. As I walked to math, I moved so I took the test, even though I knew I was making mostly wrong answers (arg...algebra is NOT my thing) I was in a complete calmity.

Then, back in choir, I started crying again (to the same song) but these wern't "I don't know what the hell to do" tears, these were "I am so relaxed I can't hold the tears in" tears. When I had to talk to a couple of friends I sort of moved out...but it was amazing.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I am sooo tired. Last night I took an ambian, but I wasn't asleep till 11:30 pm, and I get up at 6. I haven't slept well since Wed.!!! On Saturday night I had a panic attack--didn't tell anyone. I was in the freaking pool! Just tried to calm my breathing down.

I absolutly HATE school. Because I was sick I missed 1.5 days. At the END OF THE FREAKEN QUARTER. I have no idea how I will make up this crap. Hopefully it will just roll over to another day.

Today for breakfast I had 3 or so bowls of cheerios with strawberries and silk soymilk. Yum.

You know what really makes me mad? When I was in the nurses office on Thurs. she was telling everyone that if they get a fever they should stay home for 24 hours. Do you know how much school you would miss if you stayed home all day every time you got sick???? The stupid nurse doesn't know. All the teachers are, at one moment, "stay at home until you are ALL BETTER" and "we don't want the spread the flu!" and then five minutes later "I'm not going to help anyone who was sick! It's your problem!" I hope ALL my teachers but science get the high school flu--throwing up every 50 minutes. The middle school one is either a fever or extreme fatige.

Teachers suck. Really. At least nearly all mine do. Somehow all but one missed out on "teacher/student relations 101" in school or something. Serously, I don't think I have looked foreward to that hell since the fifth grade.

Here's a conversation:
Me: Ms. **** can I please have an extension? I was sick.
Teacher: *sighs as if I don't always do my homework* yes, Rachel, You may have an extension.

Later in week: Rachel, I am only going to accept 50% of this as it was late.
Me: You gave me an extension!
Teacher: Yes, but only until the end of the day.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Quick Questions:

I have a few questions for anyone who reads (anyone??? whispers...) ESPECIALLY if you have had this years flu (throwing up, fever, extreme fatige)

1. did those gland thingies under your neck swell up? Like, it used to be FLAT underthere and now I have 2 golf balls sticking out under my mouth!!!

2. Did it come in waves? Like, were you sosososo tired that you couldn't move for one minute, and then hyper another?

I don't think I should really be playing polo this weekend...but COME ONE. It's a JV TOURNEMENT!!! I'm used to things like, nationals. Not kids who just learned. And were practicing the 32 drive. Which involves pressure passing. Which I suck at.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

So Sick...

10% of our school is sick.

I would like to announce that I am, too.

So is Sarah Lowes.

Who barfed about an hour ago in the bushes after 1/2 of a water polo tournement.


I think I'll post what I ate today...cuz it was yummy:

breaky: 1 bran muffin, a shit load of veggies and soybeans

lunch: more veggies, 2 T cream of wheat w/ cocoa powder and peanut butter

snack: luna bar

dinner: more veggies, another muffin, and prolly 2 or so cups of green grapes. YUM YUMMY YUM!!!

excersize: 1 hr. running, water polo grames (I played 2 quarters the first one, and TWO AND A HALF quarters in the second. More than fucking ******** (name bleeped out because if she ever saw this I would have to move to Bulgaria to escape her bitchy-ness) played. HAHA!!! AND I SCORED A GOAL!!!

I thought I would be eating a lot today, but this bearly came over 1000 cal. (1050) Not good. Oh well. I'm not hungry anymore...I'll eat in the morning.

Tomorrow I have water polo, a couple more games, and a shitload of homework.

If ANYONE who reads this happens to be a teacher...take this advice:

1. students play sports. for many of us this is our ticket to college. This means-usually-10 or more hours a week. Live with it.

2. students can't do work when lying in bed barfing.

3. TALK TO THE OTHER TEACHERS. Oh, is Mr. Spiess happen to give out the BIGGEST MOTHER FUCKING SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT OF THE YEAR in April? Well, it MIGHT not be such a good idea to ask students to write a character anylasis on Animal Farm and research an issue.

4. Next time you are teaching and handing out homework, sit down and think. Most students get about an hour a class of work, discluding PE, choir, tech, ect. That's about 4.5 hours a night. If you came straight home and did this all at once, you wouldn't be done until 7:30. Play a sport? That happens to practice every night from 5:30-7:30? Well, now you aren't going to bed until ten thirty, at the earlyiest.

5. finally...GET AN EFFIN CLUE. No one in this galaxy will sit down half way through *****killing ***** in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and think: Hmm...I think I'll summerize to get a good idea of what just went on. If you say optioinal, don't think we will do it. If you say test we will study, but telling us to study every night to get a "sense" of the subject? Remember what I wrote in numero four? WE DO NOT HAVE TIME.

We treat school as a job. 8-7:30, counting homework. Would you want a job like that? With EVERYONE as your boss, with bitchy girls who just happen to be on your water polo team around every courner?

Yeah. So that's my unknown, did not know was coming, rant.