Thursday, February 16, 2006

First post...yipee!!!

Kay, bout me:
14 years old
natural born Seattlite (ok...fine...I now live in a rich area OUTSIDE of Seattle, but I go into the city constantly)
water polo player
food addict

Thar ya go! I'll be posting meals whenever I feel like it, and pictures when my camera feels like working, but currently my meals are pretty random. For instance:

breakfast: 2 muffins (one with jam) and a big plate of french cut green beans.

Yum! Randomness!!!

However, I am gonna keep a "sleep count" as I have a ton of sleeping problems. Currently, my sleep schedule is WACKED. I go to bed inbetween 8 or nine, wake up at four-five, eat breakfast, finish homework, go back to bed until 7:30ish. Get up and eat more veggies cuz they're yummy. :)

Hopefully, as I am going to New York next week, I will be able to wake up and maybe just drink some water/tea and go back to bed. That's my goal.

Sleep: 9 h0urs. Woke up three times. No weird dreams, though.

And diet coke count: 4 cans. *badbadbadbadbad* Another habit I'm trying to break.

I also chew WAY to much gum. I got 8 packs for valentines day from some nerd (more later, I have to go to school in seven minutes!!!) and gave prolly one or two away. BUt they are all gone now.

I mean, I stopped eating sweets and lost 45 pounds, why can't I stop this???

buby! I gotta go do some larnin'.


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