Sunday, March 05, 2006

ARG. I am mad. First of all, yesterday I spent 2 hours cleaning up the yard, because we had a storm last weekend.

and today we have another.

Also, my mom doesn't seem to notice the things that I ACTUALLY do. For instance, I clean up the kitchen nearly every day, after every meal. Yet my younger sister finds that cleaning the kitchen is completely uneeded for her. Same with my brother. So if I leave ONE SINGLE bowl not clean my mom blows up. Yet when my sister makes a COMPLETE mess. Then, when my mom goes out, I am stuck with all the dishes, because if I ask my sister to clean her ONE BOWL she never does. I know, it sounds petty and pointless, but all the stuff I end up doing just piles up.

Then, whenever I point out to my mom that my room is clean (unlike my sister's), that I have B's and A's in school (unlike my brother) and have never gotten below a B, or that, unlike my brother AND sister, my doctor doesn't give me the "don't eat to much junk" or EVEN that I never ask for anything--I mean, I don't have an iPod, new clothes, a TV (which I think is COMPLETELY unessecery) or anything my siblings constantly ask for (my brother has SIX hats!) my mom points out "Rachel, you are on a $600 per season water polo team, not including travel, you have no point asking for ANYTHING!"

(oh, and my brother isn't in THREE youth theater productions, each costing well over 500 bucks?)

Yes, so that is my rant for the day. Now I have to go get in my ($75) water polo suit, drive down to the Shore Club (18 cents), get in that FREEZING pool (heated to a WHOPPING 75 degrees, wow!)(which costs a dollor per minute run) and practing.

I need a coffee.


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