Saturday, March 11, 2006

Days I wish I had an UNSLEEPING pill. This weekend we have a water polo tournement. Our schedule:

Thursday: scrimmage till 10 pm. Home 11:30.

5:20 pm (16's game)
8:40 pm (14's)
was home by 11

7:10 am
8:40 am
11:10 am
5:50 pm
6:40 pm
8:20 pm
8:40 pm
(these are 2 age groups--don't ask how I will play em all!!)

7:50 pm
4:10 pm

I am soo tired. (just a note--we have to be at the pool 40 min. before a game. so that means freakin 6:30 am on a saturday. Which means leaving at (now) 5:45 am. Which means--yay--about 5 hrs of sleep. Before 6 games.)

Postitive stuff--not ONLY did I play whole-d, BUT I got ejected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A BIG thing for me.

I saw this girl who completely pissed off a coach using myspace and then quit the team. She's playing for Oregon. The baby.

I NEED COFFEE!!!!!!!!!


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