Sunday, March 05, 2006

I officially need 10.5 hours of sleep a day. I have NO idea how I will get that much, but I have been experamenting all week: (note: these are all going into the next day--i.e. Wednesday NIGHT)
Wednesday: 10.5 hours
Thursday: 8 hours
Friday: 9.5 hours
Saturday: (aka last night) 8.5 hours, 1 hour nap

How in the world did I get to 10 and a half hours on Wed.? Oh yeah...I skipped school (with permission!) in the morning. I had therapy at 11, and didn't want to go in the morning. Not like I missed anything. (but that is a rant for later)

The absolute latest I can get up is 7:50, as my bus comes at 8:02. I am a fast changer, and I can grab a luna bar on my way out. That would mean going to bed at (the latest) 9:20. I don't get home until 8.

My only problem is that I've never actually slept 10.5 hours straight. I usually wake up and have breakfast around 5, and go back to sleep at sixish.

I was sooo tired at water polo today. When I'm in the pool it doesn't really matter--I'm never tired THEN, but when I got out after about 5 minutes I started to sway. :) something wasn't right there!

So...yeah...I'm just procrastinating from studying about our glorious sun-earth-moon system. Bah. I hate school.


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