Thursday, March 16, 2006

Results from last water polo tournement: 16 and under: 2nd place. 14 and under...2nd to last. :/ Oh well... we won one game!!! And I got a bloody nose.

But I think the biggest thing is that I PLAYED. Like, I charged to the ball--I got ejections, bloody noses, goals (ONE!!! and I shot FOUR TIMES) almost like a player--it wasn't like we were playing man down. The other girl my size on our team (5 lbs lighter) made the most BEAUTIFUL pass to me, but overthrough it. One post to another. (one side of the goal to the other.)

The best part of this? While a certain "MVP" got pulled aside by our coach and told "you only seem to choose when to play, and it's hurting the team...etc...etc..." I got THREE people coming up to me and saying that I am playing much better.

And for people who know what I'm talking about, I PLAYED HOLE-D!!! Fine, out of accident, but still. Try to imagin a 59.5'' tall, 103 pound girl guarding the most toughest position against girls 50 lbs more.

and now I have ANOTHER beautiful story to tell you all: my story of trying to catch a 1.5 hr. flight to Calgary for this weekends tournement:
7 am: swim team
8 am: back to bed
10 am: breakfast
12 noon: picked up for airport
12:30: arrive at airport
1:30 check bags
2:00 plane delayed
4:00 board plane
4:20 LIFTOFF!!!
5:50: arrive 1/8 mile above airport
5:51: circle (fog)
6:51: still cricling
7 pm: to Spokane for more fuel
7:23 pm: arrive back in Seattle
8 pm: dinner (please note: first food since breaky!!!)
8:30: tournement cancled
8:31: tournement uncancled
9 pm: get bags
10 pm: home
10-11 pm: repack (needed warmer clothes!!!), eat 2 bowls of rice chex with soymilk.

and that is what I did yesterday. yay.


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