Saturday, March 04, 2006 second post! Yay!

Last night my mom and I made green beans "stir-fried" (but because I secretly want my mom to eat healthier, there was almost no oil) with almonds. YUMYUMYUM! It was sooo pretty, I wish I had taken a picture.

HOWEVER, I do have a picture of my lunch on Thursday. (we had a field trip that was outdoors and very active) I have a horrible habit with lunch--we only get 25 minutes, which I usually use to do my homework (or at least some), and then I eat when I get home, around 3. Or 2 on Mondays. *bangs head on desk* Then I go to water polo, and then eat dinner.

My lunch was:
brussel sprouts
green beans (no almonds)
luna bar
Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk juicebox thingy

I'll post a picture when my dad gets here to show me how--it didn't come out very well, though. :(

Good news!!!
MY SISTER ATE SPINACH!!! Fine, it was in a quiche with eggs, parmasaun cheese, cream and other murder items, but still...she also ate two of the beans. (yay?)

The other day my friend was telling me how shocked she was ate how much my family eats. Food (being a very sensitive thing for me) DOES go though our house quickly. And we do have a bit of a portion controll prob. with tortilla chips.

BUT, I pointed out, in my family there is a ten year old girl (who is now only half an inch shorter than me), a 13 year old boy (who became a MAN two weeks ago--Mazel Tov, Derek!) and me, a 14 year old who spends at least 2 hours a day playing sports. Whereas she isn't playing any sport (but runs about a mile a day), her brother is 17 and just sits around playing video games all the time, and her sister is in college. *sigh*


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