Monday, April 03, 2006

I am sooo tired. Last night I took an ambian, but I wasn't asleep till 11:30 pm, and I get up at 6. I haven't slept well since Wed.!!! On Saturday night I had a panic attack--didn't tell anyone. I was in the freaking pool! Just tried to calm my breathing down.

I absolutly HATE school. Because I was sick I missed 1.5 days. At the END OF THE FREAKEN QUARTER. I have no idea how I will make up this crap. Hopefully it will just roll over to another day.

Today for breakfast I had 3 or so bowls of cheerios with strawberries and silk soymilk. Yum.

You know what really makes me mad? When I was in the nurses office on Thurs. she was telling everyone that if they get a fever they should stay home for 24 hours. Do you know how much school you would miss if you stayed home all day every time you got sick???? The stupid nurse doesn't know. All the teachers are, at one moment, "stay at home until you are ALL BETTER" and "we don't want the spread the flu!" and then five minutes later "I'm not going to help anyone who was sick! It's your problem!" I hope ALL my teachers but science get the high school flu--throwing up every 50 minutes. The middle school one is either a fever or extreme fatige.

Teachers suck. Really. At least nearly all mine do. Somehow all but one missed out on "teacher/student relations 101" in school or something. Serously, I don't think I have looked foreward to that hell since the fifth grade.

Here's a conversation:
Me: Ms. **** can I please have an extension? I was sick.
Teacher: *sighs as if I don't always do my homework* yes, Rachel, You may have an extension.

Later in week: Rachel, I am only going to accept 50% of this as it was late.
Me: You gave me an extension!
Teacher: Yes, but only until the end of the day.



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