Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Passover!!! Yay! Matzah and cheerio like cereal for a week!!! Woohoo!

Yup tonights the first night of passover. The rabbi (our ultra-orthodox neighbor--like so orthodox he only wears black robes and stuff. My mom nearly hit him driving in at night!) was cleaning out his house yesterday. (YES, I sometimes still spy on people with my younger siblings--what else do you do when new neighbors haven't put up the blinds yet?!?!) We feel so infuriour. My mom actually said, "Like I'm going to throw out all the bread--I just bought it!" Yeah.

We aren't cooking, either. My grandmother (who is in China for the month) cooked a bunch of stuff and it's in her freezer. our two-days-a-year Jewishness is showing...

Anyhoo... we have a science project coming up, and I'm doing a taste test of VEGAN CHOCOLATE DESSERTS. Yes, that means I have to use eggs, milk, etc... but, as my dad pointed out (after I refused to do a taste test) if ONE PERSON thinks, " know, those vegan desserts tasted fine..." and stops using just a few animal products over the years, it saves a lot more eggs and crap than one cake, one batch of cookies, and a bag of chocolate chips.

I am not liking water polo this week. I love to scrimmage and stuff, but we aren't setting up, only the guys shoot, and the ball is too big to handle. (Literly--mens balls are bigger than my head!!) I did score once, but it took FIVE SECONDS because I couldn't pick the ball up!

Yesterday, I went out to lunch w/ my family (minus dad). I had indian food (rice-lots!!!-and daal) and bubble tea. The tea was really sweet.

Th-th-th-thats all, folks!!!


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