Saturday, April 01, 2006

So Sick...

10% of our school is sick.

I would like to announce that I am, too.

So is Sarah Lowes.

Who barfed about an hour ago in the bushes after 1/2 of a water polo tournement.


I think I'll post what I ate today...cuz it was yummy:

breaky: 1 bran muffin, a shit load of veggies and soybeans

lunch: more veggies, 2 T cream of wheat w/ cocoa powder and peanut butter

snack: luna bar

dinner: more veggies, another muffin, and prolly 2 or so cups of green grapes. YUM YUMMY YUM!!!

excersize: 1 hr. running, water polo grames (I played 2 quarters the first one, and TWO AND A HALF quarters in the second. More than fucking ******** (name bleeped out because if she ever saw this I would have to move to Bulgaria to escape her bitchy-ness) played. HAHA!!! AND I SCORED A GOAL!!!

I thought I would be eating a lot today, but this bearly came over 1000 cal. (1050) Not good. Oh well. I'm not hungry anymore...I'll eat in the morning.

Tomorrow I have water polo, a couple more games, and a shitload of homework.

If ANYONE who reads this happens to be a teacher...take this advice:

1. students play sports. for many of us this is our ticket to college. This means-usually-10 or more hours a week. Live with it.

2. students can't do work when lying in bed barfing.

3. TALK TO THE OTHER TEACHERS. Oh, is Mr. Spiess happen to give out the BIGGEST MOTHER FUCKING SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT OF THE YEAR in April? Well, it MIGHT not be such a good idea to ask students to write a character anylasis on Animal Farm and research an issue.

4. Next time you are teaching and handing out homework, sit down and think. Most students get about an hour a class of work, discluding PE, choir, tech, ect. That's about 4.5 hours a night. If you came straight home and did this all at once, you wouldn't be done until 7:30. Play a sport? That happens to practice every night from 5:30-7:30? Well, now you aren't going to bed until ten thirty, at the earlyiest.

5. finally...GET AN EFFIN CLUE. No one in this galaxy will sit down half way through *****killing ***** in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and think: Hmm...I think I'll summerize to get a good idea of what just went on. If you say optioinal, don't think we will do it. If you say test we will study, but telling us to study every night to get a "sense" of the subject? Remember what I wrote in numero four? WE DO NOT HAVE TIME.

We treat school as a job. 8-7:30, counting homework. Would you want a job like that? With EVERYONE as your boss, with bitchy girls who just happen to be on your water polo team around every courner?

Yeah. So that's my unknown, did not know was coming, rant.


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