Monday, May 29, 2006

Almost Summer!


I am so excited for summer. This year has been CRAPPY CRAP CRAP. I kind of doubt that next year will be any better, but oh well...

Wow...I haven't posted since spring break. That kind of sucks.

Oh Wednesday I met with a dog and sat in the room with it and stuff. It was funny--I was absolutly terrified (I started crying once!) but once it left, I wanted the dog back! It was one of those furry things that old ladies have, and barked like a parrot or a howler monkey. She could also do tricks, and kept rolling over and wiggling around, and then would do this thing where she would mess her hair up and then straigten it out.

I haven't really done anything this weekend except go to the gym and watch tv... I haven't been sleeping well again, so I've been dragging.

I'm trying valerian root tonight, hoping that it will help.

Oh my sister and I made apple tarts, which aren't vegan because I just found out that the margerine my mom bought was a different brand and has beef fat in it. Gross...


Sucks...doesn't it. Yeah, I've decided that I'm going to skip any last days of school that we don't do anything. Those are just pointless. Actually, it's taking a lot of will power to go to the 8th grade party (an Argossy cruise--I know, were rich snobs) because we won't be doing anything that day.

Tomorrow I get to pretend I'm a lawyer and defend Mayella Ewell and cross examine Atiicus Finch in our mock trial about To Kill a Mockingbird. Stupedest assignment ever. We're trying Boo Radley for murder. (yawn...) I don't know what we are doing in science, but in math we are half-way through chapter thirteen--THE LAST CHAPTER!!! WOOHOO!!!


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